About AccountBase

Our mission is to help you connect to your customers through media, technology and data via Programmatic ABM AccountBase is part of GroupM, the worlds largest media buying and technology group.

What We Do

“We invest in technology, data and most importantly our talented people to help our clients win in an intensely challenging marketplace. As the pressure on marketing intensifies AccountBase delivers a new level of communications and relevance to help our customers create engagement that is measurable and accountable.” Peter Juul Ottesen – Managing Director & Co-founder, AccountBase

Global Leadership

AccountBase provides customers and our people the chance to learn and grow with innovators and thought leaders with extensive background in connecting business to people.

Antoni Chumillas

Head of Programmatic B2B

Thomas Lind

Head of Operations

Thomas Hübner

Director & Co-founder

Peter Ottesen

Managing Director & Co-founder

Harald Petry

Business development

Stefan Mols Lindor

Senior Data Consultant

Our Technology

Our tech stack and data investment enables our clients to reach very specific B2B audiences and tailored strategies to ensure they reach the right people with a message that is relevant and useful. We are implementing global standards for all of the digital risk areas of brand safety to assure our customers that their brand messaging is seen by real humans, in the right target audience and in an appropriate environment.

Programmatic B2B: Why now?

Target the right people in the right companies

Brand Safety 

Are all Display Advertising solutions the same?

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

One of the most exciting concepts in B2B  


The Definitive Guide to AccountBased Advertising

The value of Programmatic ABM

Only 15% should be attributed to clicks.

Implementing GDPR

Best practices from GroupM

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DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 33 97 96 00

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Tel: + 33 (0)6 14 20 77 07


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