As acronyms go, Programmatic B2B is a good one within the B2B space, but let’s look at it closely. The Programmatic part works because that defines exactly almost the whole digital communication approach and the B2B part because we are taking an Account-Based focus in the targeting process. That is the whole point of the exercise after all. What’s more, the focus is the specific B2B audiences within key accounts Essentially, it is a much more targeted outbound approach than any of the other digital outbound channels.

Key Process Elements

The key sub-elements of this part of the process are:

  • Account Base focus by IP targeting
  • Qualifying the B2B audiences within the DMP
  • Qualifying the interest of the B2B audiences with contextual key-word targeting
  • Tracking content engagement and web behaviour per account targeted



It is a well ordered and comprehensible loop. Although, to be ready to embrace these processes, requires the company to be at a certain stage within its development. Ideally, it has to have already experienced some success within its chosen markets, it has to be ready to improve the customer experience in a tangible way and it has to see the value in working hard to develop the process. Programmatic B2B is not for companies seeking a quick transactional sale or wanting to move short-life goods onto a fast moving customer base. It is for companies that genuinely do want to develop their customer base.

Brand value and outbound digital

Have a well known and trusted brand in your niche it is the most important word here, especially with the B2B companies selling complex products and services that are not bought on an impulse. It is within this element that the customer is won, or lost.

How often as buyers of products ourselves do we experience the value of trust created by a well-known brand? According to Forrester’s research, “62% of companies say they can now develop selection criteria or finalize a vendor list — based solely on digital content

The problem with many companies wishing to adopt the Programmatic B2B process is that can fail to adequately reflect the degree of customer relationship required. If you are solely focused on the last-mile lead generation and nurturing ( which is, of course, vital) you can simply not hit your goals because you do not invest in top-of-the-funnel digital.

Seeing a customer as a lead, sale and possible further sale, is like seeing the top of the iceberg – you do not see the large mass of marketing and communication which lies beneath.

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