B2B companies is to use $15 billion worldwide on digital advertising in 2019

Digital B2B advertising is still in an early stage compared to the B2C market but looking into the forecasts things are about to change. Combined with the insight that entire 70% of the B2B buying journey is now being digital we expect that the growth in digital B2B advertising is about to take off.


By Peter Juul Ottesen    |   1 MIN READ

$15 billion, this is what we forecast B2B companies will use on digital B2B advertising in 2019.

It is still a fairly small figure compared to worldwide B2C digital ad-spend – but the growth figures for digital B2B ad-spend is expected to be counted in double digits over the coming years (10 – 15%) whereas digital ad-spend for B2C probably has to be counted in single digits.

Many B2B companies is just in these years beginning to change their marketing mix towards more digital advertising. This change is according to emarketer.com primarily “led by big spending high-tech B2B companies”.

“Do not count the companies you reach, reach the companies that count.”

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